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Statistics and numbers drive our business.  They drive our behaviors.  They drive our decisions.  Let’s look at the statistics and numbers that in fact underlie your leadership acuity for your team’s best performance.

  • Deloitte: 76% of Millennials view business as a source of powerful and positive social impact. Millennials look for specific mission and vision statements.
  • Fidelity: Millennials are willing to take a $7,600 pay cut in exchange for moving to a company with a better company culture.
  • Gallop: labeled Millennials as “The Job-Hopping Generation”
    • 60% of Millennials are open to a new job
    • 21% have changed jobs within the past year
    • 71% of all workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs. 
  • Alliance Virtual Offices: By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce.

These numbers closely reflect my 20 years of experience in the fitness industry that hires the Millennial generation. This passionate group of leaders are fired-up and desperate for clear vision, values, a winning culture, and a collaborative, connected experience.

If they don’t find it with your team… they are gone!

They do not accept the standard but challenge the status quo. Millennials crave meaningful, impactful work connected to a bigger picture.  Not surprisingly, companies and teams are adjusting messaging and branding to include focused Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) that will attract and keep talent.

Good strategy.

However, organizations and small businesses struggle and miss with connecting the mid-level and emerging leaders to the company’s mission, vision, and values.  Importantly, these new emerging leaders are the very ones responsible to drive the MVV, which in turn drives the company’s numbers.  

The executive question is, “Are Millennial leaders really engaged and own the company’s vision or are they just managed and managing by numbers?”

What has been your solution to connect them to the MVV? More branding with your team on the MVV? Complete another computer module?  Host a Zoom meeting on the topic?  Mandate MVV meetings?

What would it look like for your company if you invested in your managers and next-level leaders and coached and trained them on:  

  • HOW to create a compelling vision through a collaborative approach? 
  • HOW to create a strategy to execute their vision? 
  • HOW to lead and provide accountability through their vision and values?

The power of creation and implementation brings enthusiasm and life to the Millennial leader. Do we not own, engage, and are connected with the performance of the things we create? 

If Millennials relate and are inspired by vision, it makes sense to coach them into creating, clarifying and implementing it for successful teamwork. 

As a mid-senior level leader, I transitioned my leadership approach in 2018.  Driven by inconsistent performance results and high entry-level leadership turnover, I began to learn the power of creating clear 20/20 vision for my team.

I took a collaborative approach and involved my leaders in the creative process and established our teams’ personalized and unique “Leadership Platform” that brought clear 20/20 vision to our teams’ mission and supported the greater company vision.

We took specific action steps to clarify:

  • Our Vision (WHY)– what our team wanted to be known for or identified as doing great. We developed a theme, a catchy slogan called a “Phrase that Pays”
  • HOW we would light our path and hold accountability with our Torch (Values)
  • WHAT key Focus Themes with supporting actions would drive our vision and support our performance goals.

Next, we created and executed a strategy – shifting our mindset, words and actions – to bring the vision to life.

And amazing happened!  Leading with our “Leadership Platform – Grow Together” we grew the business, reduced team member turnover, and developed a leadership talent funnel that supported the greater company vision. 

Ownership, Engagement & Performance all increased!

The needs of the Millennial generation workforce were met.

Recently I finished a GrowthTime! group training The Power of 20/20 Leadership Vision: Today’s Solution to Create Winning Teams with 10 mid-level managers and next-level leaders. It was a diverse group with an experience range from 3 to 20 years in leadership.

The journey started with one question, “What is your Leadership Platform?” 

The answer was unanimous – 0%.  No one had an answer. 

Numbers tell the story but don’t provide the solution.  In just 6-weeks of training, each leader created a unique Leadership Platform with their teams, shifted their mindset on leading from vision and values rather than just numbers, and saw engagement, ownership and performance all positively shift for the company.  Below is a great example! 

Addressing the needs of Millennials starts with empowering and allowing them freedom to create their personalized platform within the framework of the greater company or business unit. 

Great 21st Century leadership begins with clear vision and direction. If you are not clear on your Leadership Platform how will others be clear to follow? 

It is your time for GrowthTime!

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