The Mindset of a Coach Leader

If you reflect on your life or leadership journey, who was that awe-inspiring Coach in your life? The one who made a difference and impacted your thoughts, actions, and beliefs about yourself and what you could achieve?

You know… the one who invested in your growth and development in your personal life, leadership or your business?

I can recall as an awkward 15 year-old 6’1 un-athletic sophomore in high school the impact Coach Irvin Greene had on my life and quest to play college basketball. I had only played a big forward position during my young basketball career and was never responsible to be the primary ball handler, directing the team. 

That year Coach Greene decided to put me in charge as the point guard of the JV team. I had major self-doubts in my skill and ability as a first time point guard, not to mention with every team I faced, I was overmatched athletically in this position. 

Yet Coach instilled confidence into my mindset. He was the first coach to develop a real relationship with me.  He asked curious questions about my life outside of sports.  He constantly gave me feedback and support how to navigate and improve playing the position and even affirmed my effort and work.

The results… I led the team to a 18-3 record and district championship. 

The after affect… over the next year and a half I sprouted to 6’8″ and still possessed point guard skills and confidence to boot. It was a unique combination to be that height with good guard skills. It led to a Division 1 scholarship at Davidson College.

I am forever grateful for the lessons and impact Coach Greene had on my life. 

Billy Graham said, ”coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.”

2 questions to consider:

Who are you impacting as a Coach Leader?

Are you committed to grow as a Coach Leader?

Q’s Corner: 

Google led an exhaustive study on what team members value most in a manager. The study was called Project Oxygen. 

The 10-year extensive research showed the number 1 desired quality was in fact being a Coach. As such, Google invested big money in understanding and training their leaders how to be effective Coach Leaders.

The results increased engagement, lowered employee turnover and grew performance.

A Coach’s Mindset 

There are many attributes and characteristics that go into being a great coach. 

What is important is for you to know which ones will distinguish your successful leadership and which mindsets you will adopt to drive your team’s performance.

During my professional leadership and sports coaching journey, ( I have coached club basketball over 10 years) my mindset as a Coach Leader has been driven by 3 strong mindsets. 

  1. Relationship driven – connecting and being present with each individual while representing my value system of care, commitment & trust. 
  2. Obsessed with growth – always looking for opportunity and the pathway to challenge others toward their growth and development.
  3. Ask open-ended questions to determine their understanding and acumen before giving feedback or direction. 

These mindsets are just the beginning of being a good Coach Leader.  Developing your skills along side increasing your aptitude for executing them at a Hall of Fame level, is the growth pinnacle for each and every coach.  


Grow as a Coach Leader: 

Reflect on the Coach/Mentor Leader who has most impacted your life.

  1. What mindsets did they bring to the relationship?
  2. What will be your top 3 mindsets as a Coach Leader?
  3. Pick one of those mindsets and invest this week into growing, discerning and developing skills to increase it.

The Journey continues… 

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