Superpower, North Star and Your Anchor

It took me over 10 years to get clarity and understand the profound inner growth and impact that comes from a clear-cut vision statement, a firm declaration of core values, and the exalting force of the all-powerful Divine. It was those three intertwined components that put me on a roll to realize my quest, that of developing my potential. 

The good news is that it can take you minutes to grasp this concept and only weeks to gain clarity on your personal vision, your key core values and strengthen your Divine convictions.  

I always yearned to be the best in both my personal life and career. Looking back on my long search, remarkably, I learned that if you quantify those three elements in your life, you will create the clarity, convictions, and confidence needed to be a great 21st century leader. People follow people who show confidence. They are like a magnet.  You can be that confident leader magnet.

Superpower, North Star and Your Anchor… so, what do all of these have in common?

Do you recall the fantasy world of Narnia, created by C.S Lewis in his widely read epic novel series, The Chronicles of Narnia? In the tale, there were three independent entities, the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, used by the author as symbols to depict an imaginative journey. They were the support characters for the reader to connect the story’s action.  Likewise, Superpower, North Star and Your Anchor are the support guides in your story’s action in steering the Power of U! 


What is your Superpower? You were uniquely and amazingly created with a specific purpose and power – strengths –  in mind. You are Humanity + Divinity. When these two powers are combined and aligned, your potential to create a world of possibilities is unlocked.  The beginning of understanding your Superpower is unlocking a clear personal vision statement. Your Motivation. Your Why. Understanding your motivation makes you unique. Each Superhero has a unique power. Each person has a unique personal vision statement. Getting crystal clear on your Superpower will be the power that drives your purpose, goals, and aspirations forward.

North Star

The North star is famous for holding nearly still in the sky.  It provides a constant directional course as it lies within one degree of the North Pole’s axis as seen from Earth.  It is due North. Sailors have used it for centuries to navigate the waters.  It is also 2500 times brighter than the sun and is readily found even on the darkest of nights. Your North Star is defined by your most important and revered core values by which you choose to live. Core values, your North Star, will keep you and your decision-making grounded as you navigate life’s challenges.  They are your buttress and aligned with your Superpower to ensure your career goals, vocation or business targets are met. During difficult dark times, your Core Values will provide the light  to keep you moving forward.  As your North Star shines brighter, all will recognize and see the impact on life, leadership, and business that you are making. 


Gain clarity on your personal vision, values and divinity. They will be the Superpower, North Star and Anchor that will unlock and unleash your potential to be great in life and leadership.

The world, our lives and our perceptions all shift like a ship at sea.  They are not stable. That is why having a stabilizing anchor will empower your journey . The anchor comes in the form of understanding our Divinity.  Developing strong clear convictions about the Divine provides much needed stability in an unstable world.  God – The Great Growth Coach – does not change or shift like the waves of the sea.  Growing in understanding of why God created you, how God sees you and what Coach expects of you will increase the Power of U!  This anchor will steady your ship during turbulent times as you realize your dreams, goals and vision of what can be.

I recently had the joy of walking a client through this Power of U! journey.  The empowerment, confidence, and stabilizing force this brought to her life was transformational.  It took weeks, not 10 years, to achieve.  Her mindset and emotional strength shifted.  The way she led her team with increased strength, direction, and confidence, was inspiring. Her supervisors and colleagues took notice.

It is worth the work.  Take the growth steps! 

Gain clarity on your personal vision, core values and Divinity.  They are the Superpower, North Star and Anchor that will unlock and unleash your potential to be exceptional in life and leadership at home and in business.  

It’s GrowthTime!
—Coach Q

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