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I have known Coach Q for over 12 years. He was my coach leader in my early years of leadership with 24 Hour Fitness. His investment in my life, leadership, and business growth has been immeasurable. The impact he has had on my personal faith, ability and skill to lead high performance teams and invaluable coaching on business opportunities has been clutch in my success. He has transcended from a coach to a personal friend, and even a father figure. What is unmatched in Coach Q is his ability to challenge his players through his proven value system of care, commitment, and trust. If you are honestly ready for growth, Coach Q needs to be your coach.

Adrian Dixon​​​​​​​​

District Manager, Starbucks​

Working with Coach Q was a game changer. He has a great process in place to empower his players to succeed. Having spent 15 years in the corporate IT industry, I was lacking in clarity of purpose and vision for my life. I was successful, but lacked passion. The desire to climb mountains was there, I just didn’t know how to connect the dots. Coach Q showed tremendous care and commitment to bring an awakening and clarity to my vision. He was instrumental in helping me discover a greater sense of purpose, and provided effective tools to navigate my path forward. Now, I am excited on taking the next steps to fulfill my maximum potential. I highly recommend working with Coach Q! 

Brian Hodges​​​​​​

Director of Customer Experience, Equinix​

Picture of Brian Hodges, Coach Q Harwood Reviews
There are not enough good things I can say about my time working with Quinn. He met me where I was at, encouraged me when I felt absolutely lost, and helped guide me to finding purpose and joy in my personal and professional life. After every meeting with him I leave feeling validated, confident, and fulfilled. He has helped me create a vision for my life and shown me how to show up better for my team. I am a better person and a better leader because of my time with Quinn. He has completely changed my life and I know he will continue to bless others through his work. Thanks Coach Q!!

Alli Babcock

General Manager, 24 Hour Fitness

Working with Coach Q has been a made an immeasurable impact in my life, leadership, and business.  His expertise in growth continues to challenge me forward.  I started to work with Coach to clearly define my growth opportunity.  The insight and accountable coaching he provided empowered me to gain some breakthrough truths about my personal mission, vision, and values as well as reframing my personal beliefs.  He continues to coach through personal limitations to move my vision forward.  Also, His business expertise and sales coaching has provided significant growth in my transition to entrepreneur insurance agent.  He truly brings life, leadership, and business together.  The results show it!

Stephen Peres

Entrepreneur Insurance Agent, Farmers

Quinn Harwood, “Coach Q,” did a wonderful job speaking to our group. He tailored his speech specifically to us, considering who would be in the audience, and prepared the talk to best impact the success of our event. Not only is Coach Q an excellent speaker, but he regularly attends our events and provides valuable insight. He is a very valued member of LinkedIn Local Austin! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him as a speaker for your event, or as a leadership life coach for business professionals. With Coach Q, you get: Positive message Passionate delivery Articulate content Engaging dialog Motivational sports analogies Expertise

Elizabeth Dahan

President, LinkedIn Local Austin, COO

Quinn’s 6-week group training program was transformational leadership at its best. The creation and implementation of our Leadership platform and his Mindset coaching were the catalyst to seeing increased ownership, team member engagement and performance results. Fun. Insightful. Great coaching experience.”

Tessie Awaa

Multi-Unit Manager, 24 Hour Fitness

Coach Q has been a repeat speaker at our events. The team leaves empowered and equipped to make changes that impact their lives and leadership. Highly recommend him if your team is ready for Growth.

Craig Foster

Founder & Executive Director, Austin Jobs Seeker Network

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