Ready to Remove your Mask? Life Coaching on 3 Bold Decisions

Life Coaching from GrowthTime! Live on why we wear personal masks, the effects of wearing your mask, and how to rip the mask off to live and lead your best life.

A recent study in August showed 38% of US adults will still wear a mask in a public indoor invent. While a vast amount of American’s are returning to a new sense normalcy, masks are still part of the game.

This personal decision is in direct contrast to 100% of people needing to remove and rip off their personal mask they wear to protect themselves, conceal their identity, and continually live a performance based life.

Learn 3 markers to determine if you are wearing a mask, and 3 bold courageous decisions you will need to take to rip it off and allow intimate, connected, and trusting relationships to shine forth!

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