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Q’s Corner is about your growth.  It’s your time for GrowthTime!

Scroll below to check out resources in the “Growth Zones” of Life and Leadership that will inspire and move you into action.

It’s time to get “unstuck” and move towards your potential, live your best life, and make a massive impact in others’ lives.

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Monday Movers Mindset

Every Monday morning receive a free weekly motivational message to strengthen your mindset to live and lead your best life.



The GrowthTime! Journey

Start the proven, clear pathway to unlock your best life and leadership. A personal growth course designed for Gen Z & Millennial professionals. (for less than $5 month)

Go Deep

The Power of U!

Your mission, motivation, and values are within reach as you dive deep to unlock your Purpose Plan. 20 Coaching videos, 15 specific Growth Lessons, and Action Book in this exclusive online coaching course. 

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The Power of U! Growth Zone

Superpower, North Star and your Anchor

Are you clear on your purpose? Find out how your personal vision, values and your understanding of the Divine will fuel your growth in the Power of U! 


The Power of your beliefs - Growth Zone

Are your beliefs ALLIES or ENEMIES?

The battle for your future is won or lost based on the beliefs you choose.  Grow your ability to recognize limiting vs. empowering beliefs. 

Are your beliefs allies or enemies - Quinn Coach Q Harwood, leadership life coach
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Break Through the Stress Barrier

How do you overcome stress and transform your performance?  Learn how the Morning Mindset, Mid-Night Mirror & the Eagle Soars will empower your GrowthTime! journey. 

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Power to the people - Growth Zone

The Mindset of Savage Conversations

Why are you not having that conversation?  The one that has the potential to create a shift or change in your life or leadership.  Learn to break the 3 mindsets that are holding you back. 

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Thumbnail image for 3 Keys to Drive Productivity - Quinn Coach Q Harwood Leadership Life Coach


Power of Performance - Growth Zone

3 Keys to Drive Productivity

Keep it simple! GrowthTime! lessons learned from State Championship basketball game that will drive productivity in your business. 


The Power of 20/20 Vision - Growth Zone

How Clear 20/20 Vision Grows You Forward

Got Vision? We need vision in our lives, leadership and business to reach our potential, live our best life and make a massive impact in others lives. Click to watch GrowthTime! Live recording. 

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