Power of U!

Gain Clarity, Convictions & Confidence

Power of U!

Gain Clarity, Convictions & Confidence

This online program + coaching course will help you unlock your best life & leadership.

This online program + coaching course will help you unlock your best life & leadership.

Do any of these describe you?

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The Power of U! coaching course is designed for middle or mid-senior level Managers, emerging and next-level leaders, or those relentlessly motivated to reach their maximum potential in life and leadership.  The hero’s quest to be a great 21st-century leader starts with understanding the Power of U! 

Gain clarity – 20/20 Vision – on your Humanity and Divinity Purpose Plan. It will empower your journey to live your best life and make a massive impact in the lives of the people you lead, the business you operate, or the team you manage.

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The Power of U! Clarify your Humanity Purpose Plan ($249)

The Power of U! Strengthen your Divine Convictions ($149)

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20 Engaging online coaching modules

15 GrowthTime! specific lessons

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Limited time bonus: 1-60 minute Coaching Sessions with Coach Q
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  • How to clarify, develop and implement your personal mission.
  • Define your Big WHAT! mission for your life.
  • Develop a 90-day Action plan to pursue your mission and goals. 
  • Identify and brand your top three core values.
  • Unlock your Superpower – your unique personal purpose statement.
  • Gain clarity on your Divine Purpose Plan.
  • How Divinity and Humanity work together to reach your potential.
  • Strengthen your Divine convictions
  • Discover strong mindset frameworks to strengthen your decision making.
  • Lead and live with increased confidence.
  • Awaken a vision that brings joy and purpose to everyday life.
  • Increased motivation and resolve.
  • Overcome mindset roadblocks for greater personal freedom.
  • Enjoy personal satisfaction as your leadership influence grows.
  • Make the positive impact you have always hoped to achieve.
  • Grow stronger convictions as your Divine relationship grows.

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Power of U

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"Coach Q's investment in my life, leadership, and business growth has been immeasurable.

The impact he has had on my personal faith, ability and skill to lead high performance teams and invaluable coaching on business opportunities has been clutch in my success."
Picture of Adrian Dixon, Coach Q Harwood Reviews
Adrian Dixon
District Manager, Starbucks
"I started to work with Coach Q to clearly define my growth opportunity. The insight and accountable of the coaching he provided empowered me to gain some breakthrough truths about my personal mission, vision, and values as well as reframing my personal beliefs.

Also, his business expertise and sales coaching has provided significant growth in my transition to an entrepreneur insurance agent."
Picture of Stephen Peres, Coach Q Harwood Reviews
Stephen Peres
Entrepreneur Insurance Agent, Farmers
"Quinn met me where I was at. He encouraged me when I felt absolutely lost, and helped guide me to finding purpose and joy in my personal and professional life.

He has helped me create a vision for my life and shown me how to show up better for my team."
Picture of Alli Babcock, Coach Q Harwood Reviews
Alli Babcock
General Manager, 24 Hour Fitness
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