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"Speak the Truth. Transparency breeds legitimacy”" — John Maxwell

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  • Coach Q speaks to corporate partners, conferences, teams, events, and churches.   
  • Coach brings high-energy, authenticity, and an engaging approach that connects with audiences.
  • Keynote Speeches focus on the Growth Zones of GrowthTime! and are connected to the need of your team whether educational, motivational, or training based. 

As a motivational speaker, Coach Quinn tailors his content to your specific needs based on the 6 Growth Zones of GrowthTime!

Most Popular Keynotes & Presentations

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The 20/20 Vision of Leadership

It’s GrowthTime! The journey to making the impact you desire begins with clear vision.  Coach Q shares relevant stories and principles to bring clarity to you, your beliefs and your leadership. 

Winning the War of Beliefs

This message of GrowthTime! empowers individuals and teams past our enemies of limiting beliefs to win our war and achieve the victory and success we desire to see. 

The Power of Performance Mindset

 Driving performance requires the growth of our people, our process and productivity. Coach Q uses stories, analogies and mindset principles to increase you or your teams performance.  

Speaker Bio

Quinn “Coach Q” Harwood is a Leadership Life Coach and motivational speaker for business professionals. He champions the message of GrowthTime! that the adversity and challenges we face are opportunities to grow forward to reach our maximum potential and drive great results.

He coaches, speaks, and trains on the 6 Growth Zones of GrowthTime! that all leaders must master to achieve success and significance in life, leadership and business.

After 3 years of professional basketball, Coach Q has spent 20 years in corporate culture growing and developing leaders to increase their performance and build high-performance teams. He also has invested over 20 years in Life Faith-based ministry empowering people to navigate life’s obstacles. He believes in a relentless commitment to personal and leadership growth, the keys to success and living your best life.

Quinn brings high-energy, authenticity and an engaging approach that empowers leaders to break through belief barriers and powerfully move forward to their goals and aspirations. His Big What! vision is to impact 1 Million lives through his commitment to advance the GrowthTime! mission.

Coach Q specializes in growing business professionals, mid-level management and emerging and next-level leaders. He also works with organizations to grow their culture capacity by training leaders to build high-performance teams.

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