My WHY, your Why & Why it Matters

     In the year 2000 I believed my purpose was to be a speaker – “a voice” to motivate and inspire the world to join Coach’s Team – God’s – and move them to reach their potential. I thought it was going to be through the platform of professional basketball that I was chasing. I was wrong.
     After a wild ride of 5-years success in Sales Management, I jumped into a start-up business partnership. After 1 short year the partnership collapsed and catapulted my family of 5 through financial chaos all of year 2008. Unsure what direction Coach was leading me, I found I needed clarity on my WHY – my motivation and purpose from a Humanity perspective. I spent almost 40 days working through the process before I got “clarity” on my WHY. It served me well over the next 12 years before The Year of COVID.
     My almost two decade career with 24 Hour Fitness was a causality of the times…. yet my being clear on my WHY was a catalyst to start Coaching platform of GrowthTime! – Coaching, Training, Motivational Speaking – during the travails of that season. This short tells a snapshot of that story and encourages you to do the work and clarify your WHY – even find your superpower!

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