Have You Mastered this Principle of Leadership?

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Do you think as a leader you have this mastered? Are you clear on what ownership really is? Have you ever written out your definition of ownership?

Principles to guide your leadership are only as good as your ability to clearly defined them… and then do the real work of living them out.

In my early leadership career, I learned the hard way about ownership. I allowed one of my managers to make too many excuses in his performance and deflect his poor interactions with the team he was leading.

The grumblings from his team kept bubbling up and his inconsistent performance was affecting the bottom line. I kept hoping the coaching I gave him would shift his behaviors or my manager would just step in and remove him.

I was wrong on both accounts and violated the principle of ownership and the impact his actions had on my team’s culture and performance.

It was a very uncomfortable, painful performance review with my boss. He was clear that  it was my “Ship” and moral and results were sinking. My lack of ownership was now putting my leadership role at risk.

Truth was I allowed excuses rather than solutions. No Ownership!

My definition of ownership and my willingness to act shifted that day.

Q’s Corner: 

The Power to the People begins with ownership. Power is the ability to do, act, or produce; the capacity to direct or influence the behavior of others. 

If there is no ownership there is no power in your leadership. To power your peeps – this principle must be mastered and be reflective in you personally and in your leadership expectations.

Excuses vs. Solutions

Ownership starts with YOU. 

The mindset you will need to confront is the battle of excuses vs. solutions. Don’t expect to grow in leadership authority with others if you aren’t growing in mastering this mindset and principle.

Your team can smell a fake. They know if you are a person of principle or compromise. Do you make excuses? Blame others, excuse away poor performance, deflect tough questions and deny responsibility?

Or perhaps you excuse away others’ bad decisions, substandard behavior, and poor performance results.

Realize it is the little interactions and conversations that are taking place with those you lead that gets noticed. Your conversations and actions reveal what you believe about ownership. 

Principles are principles and do not shift based on the situation or circumstance.

True influencers in leadership possess a solution-based mindset. When problems or adversity arise they aren’t playing the victim mentality. They are proactively taking action to create a winning solution.

Embracing solutions begins with the individual being accountable for their actions and outcomes and those of  team they lead.

It states… Here is the problem and here is how I am taking ownership to solve it.

Start growing to Power your Peeps by living the principle of Ownership and changing your mindset to create winning solutions.


Remember –“All are Leaders” – and this belief must be alive for your leadership to strive! 

This week start growing in Power your People by living the principle of Ownership and changing your mindset to create winning solutions.

  1. Write out your definition of Ownership
  2. Where does Ownership need to shift within you or your leadership?
  3. Reflect daily if you are creating excuses or winning solutions.

The Journey continues…

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