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Let’s grow together. Experience the power of GrowthTime! Group Training to increase your performance or the performance of your business, organization, or team. Why GrowthTime! Group Training? Go BIG!

  • Build High-Performance Teams and Leaders
  • Invest in your People’s Growth and Development
  • Grow Team Culture through Connection

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Featured Training

The Power of 20/20 Leadership Training

Great 21st Century Leaders understand how to collaboratively create vision, lead with values and shift team members mindset.

Is your team ready for a great shift, change or transformation?

“Quinn’s 6-week group training program was transformational leadership at its best. The creation and implementation of our Leadership platform and his Mindset coaching were the catalyst to seeing increased ownership, team member engagement and performance results. Fun. Insightful. Great coaching experience.”  

                            -Tessie Awaa Multi-Unit Manager 24 Hour Fitness

GrowthTime! Group Training is tailored to your specific needs based on the 6 Growth Zones of GrowthTime!
Example topics & sessions listed here.

Personal Life Growth

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Power of U

Featured Topics:

  • Create and Leverage your Personal Vision
  • Brand your Top 3 Core Values
  • Bring your Big What! Goals to Life

Faith-based integration and Clifton Strengths’ Finder available on request.

Beliefs that Move you Forward

Featured Topics:

  • Identify Limiting Beliefs that Affect Performance
  • 3 Empowering Beliefs to Breakthrough
  • Creating Effective Actions Plans for Growth
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Breakthrough the Stress Barrier

Featured Topics:

  • Learn to live your Values without Compromise
  • How to Manage Stress & Your Mess
  • Grow in Personal Liberty

Leadership Growth

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Power to the People

Featured Topics:

  • Creating Ownership in Those You Lead
  • Master Change through Conflict: Having “Savage Conversations”
  • How Empowerment Drives Engagement 

The Power of Performance Mindset

Featured Topics:

  • Reframing a Coach’s Mindset
  • 3 Principles to Evaluate your People
  • Driving a SMART Process
  • Learn 3 Keys of Productivity
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The 20/20 Vision of Leadership

Featured Topics:

  • Create a Compelling Vision for your Team
  • Implement the Leadership Vision
  • Coaching Mindset
  • Communication on Camera

How does it work?

GrowthTime! Group Training includes the following format and can be customized based on your team’s individual goals and needs:

  • 6-Week Training Program 
  • Weekly Live Interactive Coaching Sessions 
  • Review and Accountability to Action Plans
  • Community Group 
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Ask the Coach Sessions
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