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Individual Coaching

"A coach will impact more people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime" – Billy Graham

It's your time... for GrowthTime! The power of 1-on-1 coaching with Coach Q will powerfully move you forward by helping you gain clear 20/20 vison, break you through limiting belief barriers, and support your ability to build high-performance teams through visionary leadership.

Coach Q uses his unique “Power of 3” Growth Assessment and model to bring clear vision to areas of growth in your personal life and business leadership. He delivers a specialized combination of insight, motivation, and accountability to each GrowthTime! session to empower you to achieve your mission, goals, and life purpose.

GrowthTime! Coaching Programs

Customized upon request

5 Weeks

Start the journey of GrowthTime! and get clear on your vision, your obstacles and barriers, and the pathway to move toward your potential and increase performance. 

  • Power of 3 Growth Assessment
  • 1.5 Hour Strategy Session
  • 3 Follow-up Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Resources to Support
  • Action Plan Reviews through email
  • Money-back guarantee*

90 Days

See measurable results! Achieve and see growth in your identified goals.

Confidently and clearly articulate your personal and leadership vision and values. Break through belief barriers that have derailed your best life and reaching your potential. Solidify leadership skills and mindsets to deliver and increase your performance.

  • Power of 3 Growth Assessment
  • 1.5 Hour Strategy Session
  • 10 Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Resources to Support
  • Action Plan Reviews through email
  • Clifton Strengths Finder* analysis session

6 months

Master the Growth Zones of GrowthTime! and conquer your goals!

Experience a personal  transformation and accelerated results.

Confident that your life, leadership, and business goals are all aligned and growing forward.

  • Power of 3 Growth Assessment
  • 1.5 Hour Strategy Session
  • 20 Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Resources to Support
  • Action Plan Reviews through email
  • Clifton Strengths Finder* analysis session

Are you hungry for mentorship so you can experience transformation?

Why Coaching?

Business Professionals and leaders get it.  They have played on teams before and know the high-value and difference a Coach Leader makes to the team reaching its maximum potential and delivering results. 

Great Coaches get the most out of their players.  What they may not fully realize is the impact a Leadership Life Coach can have on their personal and professional development and their ability to grow their business.  Simple: business is about your people.  Those who can effectively lead and coach their teams win.  Those that do it great… win Big!

The numbers always tell the story.  People who have been in a coaching program report that following results:

  • 81% Improve their time management skills 2
  • 70% Increase their work performance 1
  • 63% experience improvements in their relationships 2
  • 60% increase their leadership effectiveness 1
  • 57% increase confidence and reduce stress 2


Ready to see the difference Coaching will make it your life? Leadership? Business? 

1. International Coaching Federation’s, 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study (pdf). 2. The Manchester Review (Vol. 6, No 1.201), by McGovern et al, and the International Coach Federation

What is Leadership Life Coaching?

This combines a unique outlook on delivering on both Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching. Here is a quick education on the difference.


Life Coaching provides clients support with clarifying their goals, identifying limiting beliefs and obstacles, establishing action plans, and powerfully moving forward to see results.  The Client owns their goals and action plan with the motivational guidance, support and accountability of the Coach.


Leadership Coaching is a different game. The Coach’s goal is to assist clients with growing their ability to influence and inspire others into purposeful action.

They focus on untapped potential in people and organizations.


They work with Business Pros to understand their strengths, leadership competencies and opportunities  and ability to drive high-performance teams. They provide needed personal, customized coaching in one-on-one sessions or in small groups. They too provide action-based solutions.


Leadership Life Coaching combines both. The truth is everyone is a leader! Everyone has life, leadership and business growth opportunities to maximize their potential. They all come together and align. As individuals we work as one. As a Coach we need to address all to move you forward effectively and powerfully towards your goals and mission!

Looking for more? Watch  The WHAT of Leadership Life Coaching”

How does Leadership Life Coaching work with Coach Q?

The journey stats with a Free Coaching consultation to determine a great fit.  The next step is completing the thought provoking Growth Assessment which brings awareness and clarity to the growth areas of life, leadership and performance that are needed. 


 We systematically, based on the individual need, address which ‘growth area’ will immediately move you towards maximizing your potential and seeing the shift, change or transformation you are expecting to see. 


A truth in business is stated “fix first what will give you the greatest impact.” Not that you need to be fixed, but rather what area of Growth will give you the greatest return. Based on your Coaching Consultation and Strategy Call with Coach Q we will identify these specific areas and move into action.


Watch how it works! “The HOW of Leadership Life Coaching”

Coaching for your Goal?
  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Business Skills Coaching
  • Purpose Coaching
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching

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From coaching clients:

"Coach Q's investment in my life, leadership, and business growth has been immeasurable.

The impact he has had on my personal faith, ability and skill to lead high performance teams and invaluable coaching on business opportunities has been clutch in my success."
Picture of Adrian Dixon, Coach Q Harwood Reviews
Adrian Dixon
District Manager, Starbucks
"I started to work with Coach Q to clearly define my growth opportunity. The insight and accountable of the coaching he provided empowered me to gain some breakthrough truths about my personal mission, vision, and values as well as reframing my personal beliefs.

Also, his business expertise and sales coaching has provided significant growth in my transition to an entrepreneur insurance agent."
Picture of Stephen Peres, Coach Q Harwood Reviews
Stephen Peres
Entrepreneur Insurance Agent, Farmers
"Quinn met me where I was at, encouraged me when I felt absolutely lost, and helped guide me to finding purpose and joy in my personal and professional life....

He has helped me create a vision for my life and shown me how to show up better for my team."
Picture of Alli Babcock, Coach Q Harwood Reviews
Alli Babcock
General Manager, 24 Hour Fitness
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