Are your Beliefs Allies or Enemies? (Your potential for greatness is on the line!)

Are your beliefs allies or enemies - Quinn Coach Q Harwood, leadership life coach

War is ugly. Brutally ugly. Opposing sides fighting for what they believe are their rights or the rights they desire to claim. Devastation, loss is inevitable. Personal sacrifice and suffering are inherent as each side furiously contends for its hopeful victory.  The stakes are skyscraper high as lives, families, possessions, ideologies and even the worlds welfare and prosperity can hang in the balance.

As history tells us, this was the case for the United States during WWII as the Pearl Harbor bombardment launched our nation into the world-wide war.  

The United States had a choice.  Who would be their Allies?  The definition of an Ally is to unite or form a connection or relation between. It is derived from a Latin word the means “to bind to”. The United States chose the Allied Powers. They became bonded to Britain, France and Russia in their quest to win the war and achieve a desired outcome. 

So why talk about war? War illustrates the battle we must fight inside ourselves as well on the battlefield of life to reach our potential and achieve our God-inspired purpose.  It is the War of our Beliefs You will face crisis and adversity on your quest and mission. Your beliefs about yourself, the situation, your mission and others dictate how you will respond and influence the outcomes you are hoping for.  You will need to determine which beliefs are allies and which are enemies… and then choose which you will bond to.   

As everything was on the line when Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, so your future hangs on your ability to choose the right Ally.


Limiting Beliefs vs. Empowering Beliefs

Empowering beliefs are beliefs that move us forward in strength, confidence, and power. They create opportunity for our growth and the growth of others. Outcomes and opportunities increase when we embrace empowering beliefs. These are your allies!

Limiting beliefs are any beliefs or mindset that puts limits on our potential for growth. They limit what is possible in ourselves and possible outcomes in our circumstances or goals. These are our enemies!

The power of your beliefs is the power of choice. Our beliefs, or truths, are at the core of our identity. They determine the lens of how we look at life and move forward or accept the status quo of life and become immobilized.

Adversity, obstacles, and challenges always reveal “what you truly believe”. What you “truly believe” dictates how you move forward in life, leadership and in business.

The great, yet hard truth, is that we choose our beliefs. We choose what we will believe about ourselves, our situation and the circumstances we are in.

Here is a Coach’s Challenge. Think about your current dreams or goals. Write out beliefs that are limiting you from taking action and achieving those outcomes vs. beliefs that will empower you to see those outcomes manifested in your life, leadership or business.

Cross out those enemies and “bond” to your ally to win the war for your future.

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—Coach Q

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